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5 Reasons your products are not selling

Why are you not selling?

What makes a business thrive is making sales, when there is a drop in sales, it does not only affect the revenue, it affects the moral of the business owner. The reasons you are not selling, is because customers will not buy your product, until they are convinced about the benefit of the product. As an entrepreneur, your main target is to make sales , to also retain sales and generate constant revenue.

The rate at which internet users are growing, is at the alarming rate, Nigeria’s internet users have gotten to 122 million, out of 201,859,710 population. Out of this, Facebook users account for 66.67%, twitter account for 15.73% Pinterest account for 12.4% Instagram account for 2.65%, YouTube accounts 1.92% and LinkedIn accounts for 0.23%.

Therefore, if you have an online store, why are you not selling? if you do not have an online store, then why don’t you have? if you have online store, how can you improve on your sales volume? All these question would be answered below. So, the 5 reasons you are not selling are below

What are you selling?

Often times, i had written and discussed with business owners, that they should shift their focus from their product, and focus on the value their product can give. This makes their selling point. You do not make sales because you are selling product and benefit. Value of your product is what gives a customer the benefit of that product. For instance, i want to buy different shades of lip ticks, and you gave me different beautiful collections, but another vendor was able to convince me that she got sets of lip ticks that last longer, and water resistance.

I will definitely go for one that has water resistance because that is a benefit and not just ordinary lip ticks. Products benefit are different from features. Still using lip ticks example, different shades of the lips ticks are features of the lip ticks, but long lasting and water resistance are the benefit. Always focus on the benefits of your product, that should always be you focal point, it should be selling point and national anthem.

You are attracting the wrong customers.

When i first started selling online, i discovered that i was not making sales. Though i have physical outlet which accounted for 100% sales. But i wanted to have my market share from the huge internet business presence. I went ahead to gain followers on Instagram, i followed my other vendors, and they followed me. The volume of the followers was increasing, but it was not showing in my sales. I tried marketing my other vendors, it was futile.

I had to go back to drawing table, checked statistics of my followers, and then i realised that, 80% of my followers are also vendors like me. Do not get me wrong, vendors do buy from each other, but if your followers, which are suppose to be your potential clients are majorly vendors like you, then you are attracting the wrong customers. This is another reason you are not selling. You need to attract individuals depending on your market, on Instagram you need to discover them, give them the reason they need to buy from you. Stop going after vendors and start going after individuals that are potential customer.

Try to attract more individuals that will be interested in what you are selling, balance the percentage of your followers, if i want more new female followers on my Instagram, i know what kind of content i will post, vice versa. Therefore, improve on the followers you attract, let them be the right customer for your business.

What funnel of social media do you sell from?

Some vendors do not know that there are various funnels for different types of venture or business. Instagram at the recent times has grown to become a business funnel for businesses in Nigeria. Nevertheless, not all businesses thrive or are supposed to make Instagram their funnel. Check if the social media funnel through which you are trying to sell your business is appropriate for you. Are you on the platform because people are there? for instance, a photography business should be visible on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, there is nothing he is looking for on twitter.

Furthermore, a content driving business like legal, blogging, freelancer, should be more visible on twitter, Facebook, than Instagram. A professional like lawyer, doctor, accountants, should be more visible on LinkedIn. Because, is a platform for professionals. Choose your funnel wisely, if you are in the wrong funnel of social media, it would affect your exposure and sales.

You are not Exploring other social medial funnels

At the introduction of this article, i wrote there that more than 122 million Nigerians are on internet, and Facebook alone accounted for 66.67%. wow! That is huge, and let me ask, are you on Facebook? if you are on Facebook, what are you doing there? It will be completely wrong for a vendor to sit down alone with Instagram or twitter, or even whatsApp and not explore other funnels. there are more internet users on twitter than Instagram, can you beat that?

Try to understand the way each funnel works, and explore it to the benefit of your business. You need to get training on how all these funnels work, how you can transact successfully on them , and do your business advert. Soon i will be sharing with everyone that is interested FREE training materials on how to explore the various social media funnel. It is not compulsory you get your presence in all the social media, but get visible in relevant and major ones.

What is your relationship with immediate environment?

You are not selling because you do not have good relationship with your immediate environment. That is , your immediate family, extended family members, friends, church, mosque. Apart from online customers, you should be able to make use of your immediate environment to boost your business. I sell 60% of my designer oil perfume to my family, in-law, my wife’s colleagues at work. Apart from customer in my street that pick up stock at the shop.

At times, sales might not come online, it is the relationship you have created that would bring up sales. If you do not have an outlet, be creative and make a mobile shop depending on what you sell, visit people with your products. As an entrepreneur, building relationship is the best sales weapon you could have.

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