Billionaire’s Mindset About Money.

Billionaires think differently about what money is for. We see money as a way to get things. They see money as a tool to invest. But we need more to get a bigger house, a nicer car, a bigger T.V. Billionaires see money as a tool to be used to make money. And once they get abundance, a portion of that is used for the finer things in life.

As soon as we get extra money, we look to where we can spend it. The rich immediately look to where they can invest it. We finally get the raise and right away we go out and get a nicer car because we can now afford extra car payment. We can now go out and get that big T.V, jewelries etc. I have had such experience in the past, that what normally comes into my mind when i make extra money was to buy and not invest.

The wealthy, when they first start, will say “We ‘ll drive what we are driving, watch what we are watching, and through investing, turn little extra money into millions. Then we can buy those things with our abundance. Most people buy out of their lack, the billionaires buy out their abundance. The billionaires understand the language of money, and know that, money does not have value, except what you use money to buy.

The billionaires train up their mind to understand how to manage money. they never get tired getting training. They believed the best investment they can have is to educate themselves. A note, what separates the billionaires from the rest is not about the money, but about their mentality and characteristics, or i would better say their mindset. .

Most people lack self control when it comes to money. Billionaires self control, enables them to think of investing before luxury. It is the self control over money, that gave them vision, and the commitment to the vision. You can not lack self control over money and think you would be wealthy. Do not get me wrong, it is normal and good to aspire good things of life, but if you want to be wealthy, you need to control the fleshy hunger to buy out of lack, or buy in order to impress.

If you want to be a billionaire, change the way you think about money, invest now, buy luxury later, invest in training and read books, seek after wisdom. Get a vision and stick to it.