Billionaires’ Mindset About Risks


Risk simply means the possibility of exposing one to loss, danger or unfavourable condition. Risk has become part and parcel of billionaire’s existence. Unlike most people who see rich as something they can’t afford, the wealthy see risk as something they can’t afford not to take. I have seen opportunities fly out of the window so many times because i as scared of taking risk. I was so scared of  the unknown, i  got stuck in a place. Until i gave up the fear and told myself “IF I FAIL , I FAIL”

Difference between you and billionaire

You are scared of taking risk because you are afraid you will fail. Whereas, billionaires believed that if they don’t take risk, they have failed already.

You are so scared of investing in that business, you believed if the business goes belly up, you would be termed a failure. The rich will tell you,”if i don’t take a chance on the business, i am a failure.

If i tell the wealthy are risk takers, this does not mean they have not failed at one before, they have failed several times, more than you and i. And that is why they are wealthy.

I read a quote by author of “Rich dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki. He said “nine out of ten businesses will fail” ordinarily, you will hear that, and you will believe the odds are against you. The wealthy will hear that and will think the only thing they have to do is to start ten different businesses, the tenth one might give them more than millions.

You have already failed if you don’t take a risk.

Ask any billionaire how he got where he is today and he will say “Risks” Every billionaire has failed more than you and i, they have gone bankrupt, they have had one or to businesses gone down, they have lost millions of money in business ventures. Yet they are billionaires.

You on the other hand, have never gone bankrupt, never lost any business, definitely never lost like a million dollar or so in business ventures. Yet you struggle each month to foot the bills. What is difference? “RISKS!”         

Life is full of risks, we face them every day. If you want to have success in life, you have to be willing to try something new and often unfamiliar to you. You have to stop talking, but start the doing. The wealthy don’t think that way; they are willing to actually do something.

Time to take action

You have studied and learned, but you also have to put it into work and apply what you have learnt to make success. One of the principle you will have to be committed to, is becoming a person of action. In life everything we do that has reward to it, also involves some risks. There is no reward without risks.

You cannot go from crawling to walking without the risk of falling down. You have to take risk to reap reward. You can start small, but make sure you are acting. You can venture into calculated risk, but make sure you are not sitting down and let opportunities pass you by.

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