They think differently about investment.

On our billionaire’s mindset series, we have talked about how billionaire’s see money. Compared to how others see it. I will be sharing with us the billionaire’s mind set about investment. How does a billionaire see investment as compare with others? Like i have discussed in the previous post, the major difference between billionaire and most people is the mindset and not the money. That means if the same quantity of money and time with opportunities are given to a person with the mind of billionaire, he will do differently what others would do with same, and that makes the difference

Therefore what is billionaire’s mindset about investment as compare to others? Let’s start from this, most people see investment as something they do, just to have enough to retire. While billionaires see it as something they do to gain abundance. Most people do not see investment as priority, while billionaires see it as priority, and the reason they keep on studying on new ways of investing. Most people believed it is luck, that someone made money from an investment. Billionaires believed that it is not luck, that someone made money from investment, but preparation.

Most people that eventually resolved to invest ended up investing in what they know nothing about. Billionaires do not and will not invest in what they have no knowledge about.   If the invest is good, they will first seek knowledge before investing their money. Billionaires are so disciplined to reduce their regular habits that take money away from them. Like drinking, smoking, etc, rather they would see what monetary value they could get, if they save the money being used to drink or smoking.


The way billionaires think about getting wisdom, is different from how most people get it. Most of us get wisdom when we need it, but billionaires got it long before it was relevant in their lives. I heard a story of a man who wanted to start doing business in buying land, building and selling houses. When asked if he had a financing plan? An architect? Any drawings? His reply was NO. And he lost an opportunity worth $300,000.

Billionaires prepare for tomorrow, while most of us prepare for today.  They always see life is full of various opportunities. And you can miss out if you are not prepared.   Most of the time, we react to life, by attending to issues as they present themselves to us. The wealthy prepares for life. A problem comes across a billionaire’s desk and he is ready and prepared for it.


Instead of listening and getting engaged in mindless talks and unprofitable ventures, invest your time in reading books that will add value to you. You get hold of some information by reading, 80% of investment opportunities i got, i saw them from reading. Readers are leaders so they say, i put it like this, readers and doers are the leaders. Listen and study some successful entrepreneurs.

We are all products of our yesterday. We are where we are today, because of some decisions we made yesterday. What separates you from financial increase is lack of knowledge and understanding. How do you seek to improve the knowledge of that skill you have? How do you position your business to meet the new order of changing business world? Seek to improve your knowledge on your job or business, and it would catapult you to financial increase.    

Get the mindset of a billionaire.