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Are you tired of the same day-in day-out life? Do you feel stuck in a rut or trapped in an  endless loop but can’t seem to break free? 
It can be frustrating to hear about how to make your life wonderful by doing things that you can’t necessarily do on a daily basis because of your job and daily demands. Maybe you’re the breadwinner of the family, or maybe you have to fulfil plenty of responsibilities… 
You can live the life you truly want while still fulfilling your responsibilities and expectations. 
In this activity sheet, you will learn how to turn your life around and start living a fulfilling  life. 

How to Break out of the Loop 

Limitations are the things that keep you constrained inside a loop. They keep you stuck  facing the same problems, having the same choices, and taking the same actions over and  over, and over again. 
Some people are stuck due to circumstances, but for many people, they stay in the loop  because it’s their ​comfort zone​ — where everything feels safe, easy and certain. When  you’re so safe in this comfort zone, you can’t really find a reason to step out of it.  
The first essential step to breaking out of the loop is to ​work on the way you think​.  
The following steps will help you break free from the loop  and design the life you want. 

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Step 1: Find Your Hidden Opportunities.

In life, you will always have constraints of some sort. It’s you who decide whether they  become your limitations. 
Every obstacle has a hidden opportunity. Instead of fighting them or resigning yourself to  them, see that there are two sides to every coin. 

So if you want to break free from where you are, train your mind to think of opportunities  instead of limitations. 
And this is what the ​1st Pillar​ is about — ​an opportunity is a turning point that can create  a break through. 
All you need is to get the right focus and ​know exactly what is limiting you​ ​right now​ — not  anything in the past or future. 

For example: 
● I’m limited by​ my busy work schedule ​because​ it leaves me no time to spend with  my family. 

● It stops me from​ having a close relationship with my wife and my kid. 

● If only I could​ manage my time better, ​then I’d be able to​ spend more quality time  with my family. 

How Limitations Can Be Turned Into Opportunities.

See how limitations can be turned into opportunities? The last statement is the opportunity  statement. 
Now it’s your turn to come up with your opportunity statement: 

I’m limited by​ … [ the obstacle/constraint ]

​Because​ … [ why it’s a limitation ]  

It stops me from​ … [ the thing you want to do ]  

If only I could​ … [ the achievement ]

​then I’d be able to​ … [ the new possibility ]                         
Once you’re clear about what you truly want and what’s stopping you, you’ll be more driven  to move forward as you now have a direction on how to turn your limitations into  opportunities. And, this is when you can start to think about what you can do to achieve  that.

Step 2: Flesh out Ideas What You Can Do.

After realising your hidden opportunities, it’s time to come up with exactly what you can do  about these opportunities. 
And this comes to the ​2nd Pillar​ — ​planning your progression towards what you want​.  
Let’s take the father’s opportunity statement “If only I could manage my time better, then I  would spend more quality time with my family.” as an example; it helps him to reflect about  what he can really do to achieve the goal: 

● Set a clear time to stop working 

● Discuss about my workload with my manager 

● Schedule time to play with my son every day after work, or during weekend 

● Schedule date nights with my wife 

● No work during family dinner 
See how many possible ways to achieve his goal with a clear opportunity statement? 
Now, it’s your turn to reflect about what you can do to achieve what you want: 

Step 3: Restructure Your Lifestyle.

After brainstorming a list of things you can do to achieve your goal, create a concrete plan  to make these things happen. 
Here, the ​3rd Pillar ​comes into place –​ invest your energy consciously. 
As the breadwinner for your family or yourself, it may be hard to fit all these new tasks into  your already busy schedule. And so, reviewing your current lifestyle is necessary before  trying to fit in anything new.
To help you start living your purpose, we can use a simplified version of the Superstructure  Method: 
Review the roles you play in life and decide each role’s Must Haves tasks — ​tasks that are  absolutely critical to do; without it, the outcome is meaningless. 
As you’re looking into your daily schedule, keep these questions at the back of your mind:  

● What must be kept as a breadwinner? 

● What should be ditched or changed in order to get closer to your true Purpose? 

Start Living the Life You Want.

You don’t need to be limited by your responsibilities and daily demands. You can break free  from the loop as long as you change the way you think and make up your mind about what  is important to you. When you know what you truly want and what’s stopping you.
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