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How To Create Twitter Ads

Select A business objective

As a follow to the free downloadable video provided, i put together step by step guide on how to create twitter ads. The first thing you will have to do is to select an objective. For the purpose of our practical examples, i want to promote our GDPR blog post, I decided to select the “Tweet engagements” objective instead of website clicks or conversions. I hypothesized that if we’re targeting Twitter users, who are not our current followers and who may not have heard of Ladder before, then it would be more effective to optimize for engagements for a lower cost per engagement and cost per click.

download practical video on twitter marketing

Create A Twitter Campaign

After selecting an objective, continue on to create your campaign. Give your campaign a name, a funding source (make sure you set that up in advance), set your daily budget, and you can set your total budget if you so choose.

For our campaign, we set our daily budget to $15, our total budget to $100, and set the campaign to run only for a week.

Create A New AD Group

Next, move on to create and name your ad group. If you’re new to advertising, you may be confused by the difference between a campaign and an ad group. An ad group contains one or more ads which target a shared set of keywords or a common theme, and campaigns can contain more or more ad groups.

Therefore, Twitter gives you the option of setting start and end dates and setting a budget for your ad group. For our GDPR campaign, we did not set a total budget, bid amount, or dates for our ad group, but we did set our bid type to automatic.

Select or Create your Creatives.

After creating your ad group, move on to selecting your creatives. One of the first things you’ll notice is that Twitter gives you the option of promoting one of your organic tweets, which is a huge time-saver, but you can create a new tweet from scratch by clicking the blue compose tweet button.

Creating a new promoted tweet is just the same as creating an organic tweet. You’ll still have to abide by the 280 character limit, and you can add hashtags, photos, videos, polls, or a card.

Twitter Cards allows the contents of your ad stand out even more. To create a Card, click the Card option.

Creating A Twitter Card

Next, click on the link to visit your Cards library. When creating a new card in the Cards library, you’ll have the option to create a website card, a video website card, an image app card, or a video app card. If this is your first campaign, I recommend creating a website card to get started.

Creating A Website Card

When creating a new website card, select an image you’d like displayed, a headline, a link to your website or blog article, and a name for the card. Here’s how our website card look:

When you’re done, go back to your ad group and find the creative you just made by filtering for Promoted-only Tweets or Scheduled Tweets. Then, select the creative(s) that you want to promote.

Determine Where your promoted Tweets will appear.

After selecting your creatives, don’t forget to determine where your promoted tweets will appear. You can do this on the right side of your screen. For our GDPR campaign, we decided to place our ads in users’ timelines, profiles, and Tweet detail pages, and search results.

Find your target audience

Now it’s time to find your target audience! 

If this is your first time running a Twitter campaign or you’re just a beginner to digital advertising, you can skip the “Your audiences” section, which contains one or more of your saved custom audiences.

Instead, jump down to demographics to select a gender and age range. In the field below age ranges, you can select targeting options for people by location, language, platform, device, carrier, or OS version.

Review and publish your campaign

You’ve made it to the finish line! Move on the Review & Complete page to review the details of your campaign and launch it! 

Read the article for more pictorial in addition to the video

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