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Delivery and Fulfilment for Business.

Today’s customer expects a personalised delivery options from retailers whether online or physical outlets. They expects convenient ways and options that would suits their busy lifestyle. They quickly abandon a transaction whose delivery does not suit their desires. Whether you are running an online store or physical outlet, delivery has become key area that can not be neglected.

Therefore, delivery options need to appeal to shoppers in the first place, so they’re willing to buy, but then there’s the issue of fulfilling orders.

Much of the hard work in acquiring and converting the customer has been done already, but how retailers handle the last step can make or break the experience for the customer.

The difficulty for most businesses is that this ‘last mile’ is out of their control. In most cases, it’s left to a mail or courier service to ensure that goods are delivered in time as promised, and in good condition. However, if there are issues with delivery, the customers tend to blame the retailer, not the courier.

It’s therefore important for retailers to plan their delivery offering carefully, considering customer expectations around options and costs, packaging, and the various options for delivering goods to customers.

Customers’ Expectations.

I was discussing with a friend, and she told me about the experience she had with an online vendor. they had finalised the transaction, and she needed the stock urgently.

The order had been handled over to the delivery agent, but could not be delivered according to the time promised by the vendor. Excuse the delivery agent gave was that, he re routed his journey plan, and didn’t know that my friend needed the stock urgently.

I would not blame the delivery agent out rightly, because he was not given detailed urgency of the stock he was carrying. It was the duty of the vendor to specifically give him his route according to the urgency of the order,

What most customers want is fast delivery. Some would not mind if such come with extra cost. They want to be opened to different delivery options a vendor could offer them, and to be told that a fast delivery could be made. They will not mind if they could track their order also. While bigger retailers have resources to offer quick delivery for free with tracking opportunities, smaller retailers could still create a more likely delivery service that is fast and come with little cost.

In addition, apart from delivery and cost, customers look out for convenience. That is how convenient will the delivery be for them. Let’s take a look at what you could do as a business owner to ensure your delivery does not jeopardise your business.

How to guide your delivery

There is an online vendor that almost lost one of her potential customers due to negligence on her delivery. She gave her product to a new delivery agent that did know that route he was going. The agent was delaying the delivery by not locating the actual destination.

He gave the client some trouble directing the way. As an online business owner, you need to have:

(1) A constant delivery agent that is familiar to your business and the routes your clients are staying. create a relationship with the delivery agents or company. Because whether you like it or not, they are the face of your company outside.

(2) Always follow up your delivery agent whenever you send them to deliver. By doing that you are showing them your product is highly important, you will also know how they are handling the delivery aspect of your business.

(3) Provide different delivery options for your clients. Let them decide which one they would go for. Because, some clients would not mind to pay extra cost for prompt delivery. some would not mind if they could order that day and receive the order same day.

after arriving at different delivery options, communicate these to your clients through different means of communicating channel

(4) Ensure your package is excellent. Packaging is first and foremost ensuring that the order gets to the clients in good condition. Ensure you make a compact package to cut down delivery cost, in case if the delivery company would charge based on weight.

(5) Always make room for returns. Some clients might ‘want to check the order they made, and in the process might like to return some stocks if they are not satisfied.

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